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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
iServe Storage Access Layer (SAL) Core iServe Storage Access Layer (SAL) Core provides the core of iServe including all data management interfaces and their corresponding implementations.
iServe Discovery API iServe Discovery API provide the core infrastructure and APIs for the development and management of discovery plugins.
iServe Semantic Discovery Plug-in iServe Semantic Discovery provides a default implementation of discovery plugins exploiting logic-based discovery.
iServe Web Application iServe Web provides all the functionality of iServe in an integrated Web application.
iServe Integrated Engine iServe Integrated Engine provides a complete an integrated local version of iServe to be used within Java Applications. This module provides integrated programmatic access for the deployment and interaction with iServe engines. iServe is what we refer to as service warehouse which unifies service publication, analysis, and discovery through the use of lightweight semantics as well as advanced discovery and analytic capabilities. iServe provides the typical features of service registries and additional functionality that exploits service descriptions, service annotations and further data gathered and derived from the analysis of these descriptions, data crawled from the Web, periodic monitoring and user activities.
iServe ELDA Plug-in This module sets up ELDA as an iServe Web interface.
iServe Swagger Interface Plug-in This module implements the Swagger interface and UI for iServe RESTful APIs.
iServe Popularity Scorers Plug-in This module provides plugins for scoring based on provider popularity, online community vitality and service usage.
iServe Free Text Search Plugin based on SPARQL iServe Free Text Search Plugin implementations based on SPARQL.
iServe Service Type Filtering Plug-in This module provides the implementation of filters to select specific service types.
iServe REST interface iServe REST provides the basic machinery for exposing iServe via a RESTful interface.